Highlighter Twin Pack

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Highlighter Twin Pack goes well with our Large Print Activity Books


Highlighter Twin Pack

Grip Highlighter makes crosswords and puzzles even easier.  Great when  With its ribbed, rubber grip, you can experience extra comfort in addition to control and precision. The modular, chiselled nib can highlight with thick, bold lines or underline with thinner control.


  • The modular, chiselled nib allows you to make thick, bold lines or thin, precise lines.

  • It’s perfect for use when studying, taking notes, and highlighting your favourite passages in books.

  • The cutting-edge, anti-drying technology means that this highlighter can stay capless for up to 8 hours without drying out.

  • It has a ribbed, rubber grip that’s designed to deliver comfort, precision, and control.

  • This highlighter has fluorescent yellow ink.


We suggest  Book – Large Print Garden Puzzles



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