Cognitive Activity Program DVD – Quizzes Disc 6

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C.A.P. (Cognitive Activity Program) is modern, state of the art, interactive DVD based program providing engaging, mental stimulation activities for older adults in an aged care environment. Activities are based on learning, recall and reasoning. The disc content is Australian and age appropriate and is quiz and trivia based.

10 sets of activities per disc (in excess of 130 questions) that can be used several times over.  Printable worksheets and answer sheets are also provided via a website link inside the dvd cover.

Item Code: DCAP6


  • Set 1 Australian Places
  • Set 2 General Knowledge
  • Set 3 People
  • Set 4 Hollywood Musicals
  • Set 5 WA Landmarks
  • Set 6 World Leaders
  • Set 7 Posters from Musicals
  • Set 8 How Observant are You? – Visual quiz
  • Set 9 Whats Missing – visual recall quiz
  • Set 10 Special Interest – Money Makes the World Go Round


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