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Everyone should be able to enjoy the connection that music & radio can bring to our lives.

The Relish Radio is perfect for those of us who find typical Radio/MP3 players too complex or frustrating to use.

Easy to understand buttons, personalisation and great sound quality all in a stylish design that looks good in any environment.

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Dementia friendly radio cleverly designed for people with dementia and limited movement,  once set up you will bring music, chat shows, sports, or your own chosen playlist to your ears.

The key points for this Radio:

  • Accessible for all abilities – clear separate on and off buttons with audio feedback when pressed, and easy volume control that cannot be turned to zero.
  • Simple to use – the memory buttons allow for 3 favourite DAB or FM radio stations.
  • Customisable set-up by the carer via an interface neatly hidden behind the battery door at the back.
  • Personalised labels to help the user find what they want with no assistance.
  • A fourth button for your own playlist by inserting a USB at the back.

Music and Dementia.
Music is a powerful tool for improving the well being of people with dementia. It allows them to connect with their past and people in their present with its ability to light up memories.

As well as reducing agitation and distress, recent findings suggest that musical training delays cognitive decline and promotes brain plasticity in the elderly brain.

When tuned into their favourite station and enjoy the sound of someone humming, whistling or singing along. You may even see an impromptu twirl or foot-tapping, symptomatic of an impulsive expression of contentment, relaxation, and happiness.


Drop ship item

Activity Ideas

When listening to Radio programms, sports, or music, team this with either a few items to hold or look through pictures or a book.

Photos of your garden, Garden picture book, give gardening gloves to hold and smell, if still able bring in some seeds to sow or flowers to arrange

look through photos or look for images on the internet of the sport you are listening to.


Key features & design specifications:

• Radio size: 245 x 108 x h182mm
• Personalisation panel – pre-set and save channels
• DAB radio
• USB port
• FM & Digital mode
• Headphone socket
• DC power socket for adaptor
• High sound quality with 2 3-watt speaker
• Lightweight and durable material
• Contemporary aesthetic with a nostalgic edge
• Large letters for greater visibility
• Large buttons & volume dial for
• USB port for your own playlist

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