Reminiscence Kit – Getting Around

$105.00 inc. GST

An aged care recreational resource, depicting various types of transport with a special emphasis on past modes. The posters are designed to encourage reminiscing and memory recall to support dementia patients in diversional therapy.


Reminiscence Pack Getting Around contains 10 posters.

Forms of transport include car, train, bus, tram, horse, boat, bike, walking, skiing and air travel.

Discussion revolves around personal experiences, the advantages and disadvantages of the different forms of travel and reasons for using particular modes of transport. It encourages people to discuss the difference between travelling for pleasure and out of necessity.

Packs are designed for use by aged care professionals, carers and family members.

The A3 size makes these packs highly suitable for individual and group use with aged care and dementia patients.

Subject matter is relevant for Australian audiences.




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