Bean Bags – Small

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Good for improving grip and toning the upper body.

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Bean Bags are a really versatile throwing game activity for elderly people – great for those who find it difficult to catch a conventional ball.

Brightly coloured with good contrast to help anyone with sight impairment to easily distinguish the different colours.

Easy to catch as they have a slower action through the air than a ball and they won’t bounce away.

Good for improving grip and toning the upper body.

For people with dementia, Bean Bags may help trigger memories of childhood playground games, they act as a simple reminiscence activity and create an exercise that helps meet the needs of older people.

Catching and throwing activities help with upper body muscle tone, hand/eye coordination and dexterity, which all goes to make these Bean Bags a must for any care home, day centre or hospital.

This product is also suitable for use with school-based activities, supporting young people with learning disabilities.

Synthetic material makes these easy to wipe and spray clean

Use with our Parachute – Radiating design

Activity Ideas


  • Sit participants in a circle and ask them to spell a word (max 10 letters). Participants say the letter as they throw the bag to each other. Last person to hold the bean bag could decide on the next word.
  • Use two bean bags like ‘two balls’ but throw them up in the air. Simpler than juggling but will engage the brain and keep concentration levels high. Chant rhymes such as ‘Salt, Vinegar, Mustard, Pepper’. Or sing ‘Daisy, Daisy’.
  • Sit everyone close enough to touch feet with the person either side. Try to pass the bean bag along or around by just using toes and feet to grip – great to tone calves and feet!
  • (l) 13cm
  • (w) 11cm.
  • Filled with natural filling.
  • Weight approx. 110g ea.

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