Dart Ball Game 50.8cm

$95.00 inc. GST

Safely play this alternative game to darts where balls stick to hook and loop scoring patches.


In this dartball game players can develop the skills required for success in darts without the dangerous sharp points. The target is made up of a  50cm diameter nylon target surface with hook and loop patches and an inflatable inner core. It has a handle for hanging from a wall or it can be laid inflated flat on the floor and the balls thrown onto it.  Includes 3 “sticky” fabric balls  that stick to the hook patches on the target.

  • Hours of fun for all ages: darts without all the points, fun for kids from 0 to 99! Perfect for ages 3+.
  • Quick assembly, easy storage & portability: simple & stress-free set up in seconds; blow it up yourself or purchase an inflation pump for quick & easy inflation.

Balloon pump required for inflation – sold separately.

You’re ready to play in no time



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