Dominoes – Extra Large Wooden Coloured

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Latest Product Extra Large Wooden Dominoes



Extra Large Wooden Dominoes are a wonderful and traditional game that is familiar to older people, including those with dementia such as Alzheimer’s

Chunky pieces with coloured extra large dots can be better recognised also by visually impaired people. Great game for inter-generational activities as both young and old can enjoy this traditional game.

Dominoes is a suitable game for the elderly and adults with learning disabilities

Dominoes can also be used for simple matching and sorting activities for people with dementia and Alzheimers

These dominoes make an ideal care home resource that can be used time and time again

Set of 28 extra large dominoes

Instructions included


Size: (l) 9.5cm x (w) 4.5cm x (d) 1cm.


Item Code: GXLD


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