Giant Hookey

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Giant Hookey is a large version of a traditional throwing game


Giant Hookey is an Australian traditional and variation on the old Irish game of Ring Board. Whilst there are several variations on the rules, the standard game is typically a race to exactly 101 and scores that take you over 101 are deducted, not added to the score. The other typical variety is “round the clock” in which players race to hook all 13 numbers in numerical order

Hang up the Giant Hookey board and you are all set to play. Fix the board about 1.5 metres off the ground. Players stand about 1.7 metres away and throw the rubber rings at the numbered hooks. Player with the highest score wins.

Giant Hookey Includes:

  • Numbered Backing Natural Hardwood Board (Diameter: 68cm, Thickness: 2cm & Weight: 4 Kg)
  • 13 High Quality Steel Hooks
  • 6 Black Silicon Rings and 6 Red Silicon Rings (with 10cm Diameter)
  • Quick and Easy Set Up Ideal for both Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Comes with rules/instructions & pack in a cardboard box

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