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Put on a trivia DVD and set and forget on your large screen TV  with your group in a lounge situation or control the questions as you go in a specific quiz group activity session. As a Powerpoint presentation each DVD  lasts 30 minutes, with approx 30 questions per disc.

  • Each slide contains either a video clip (e.g. classic movie, old time song, world event), an audio clip (e.g. secret voice, musical group from the past, TV theme), an image with a relevant question including true or false and multiple choice types related to topics such as sport, geography, history and general knowledge.
  • Each video, audio and image will appear, preceded or followed by a relevant question
  • There is no voiceover for the questions. This allows the group leader to read out the questions, pause the video and repeat the question if necessary.
  • A 20 second countdown clock begins after each question and is followed by the onscreen answer
  • Along the way will be a few “funnies” to have a chuckle at
  • No staff member is required to run the program (other than loading into the DVD player) and seniors can either play by themselves, in pairs or in groups.

These DVDs have been compiled by a current Trivia Night presenter with topics specifically tailored to the seniors knowledge base. Start building your collection now.

Item Code: DACT2 Trivia DVD 2

Item Code: DACT4 Trivia DVD 4
Item Code: DACT5 Trivia DVD 5
Item Code: DACT6 Trivia DVD 6  
Item Code: DACT7 Trivia DVD 7
Item Code: DACT8 Trivia DVD 8
Item Code: DACT9 Trivia DVD 9

FAQ: What’s the difference between the CAP DVDs and the Aged Care Trivia DVDs? Click here to find out which set is best for your clients.

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