Baby Girl Doll – Miss Polly Blue Eyes only

$175.00 inc. GST

Lifelike baby doll for assisting in the soothing and calming of the client with dementia and for providing an outlet for the giving and receiving of unconditional love.

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Baby girl doll – Miss Polly is an awake baby girl doll  suitable for use in child representation therapy. She has a full anatomically correct body and is  made of  silicone vinyl.

PLEASE NOTE: This doll is cute but not as soft and cuddly as our dolls with cloth bodies.


  • Body, head, and limbs are made of soft vinyl
  • Able to be bathed and posed.
  • Hair is hand inserted mohair and may be washed
  • Comes in brown eyes model (with onesie for clothing) or blue eyes model (with dress for clothing)
  • Comes with bottle and magnetic pacifier

Length – 47 cm (18 inches) approx.
Weight – 1.1 kg (2lb 5 oz) approx.

Caution – This baby doll has a magnet fitted in the head for the dummy so care should be taken around people fitted with pacemakers and also around other electronic equipment such as computers as magnets can interfere with these devices.


 Miss Polly with blue eyes


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