Can You Find it? Sewing Box

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Can You Find it? Sewing Box  is a 1:1 cognitive and reminiscence activity for the person living with the early  to mid stages of dementia.

This portable plastic box of fabrics and haberdashery items is a resource for sorting and identification, utilising word and number recognition, recognition of familiar objects that may aid conversation and reminiscence around a familiar hobby of sewing or dressmaking.

Items include :  (note: content colours, fabrics etc may vary from box to box)

  • 6 x fabric pieces of various textures and colours,
  • 5 x laces of various widths and colours,
  • 1 x piece of decorative braid,
  • 1 x piece of ribbon
  • 2 x pieces of elastic,
  • 6 x buttons in different sizes and colours,
  • 1 x piece of bias binding
  • 1 x piece of bric brac,
  • 1 x skein of embroidery thread,
  • 1 x zipper,
  • 1 x pin cushion,
  • 5 x spools of thread of various sizes and colours,
  • 1 x tape measure,
  • 1 x needle threader,
  • 1 x packet of needles
  • 1 x wheel of berry headed pins (safely secured to prevent injury)
  • 1 x thimble
  • 1 x piece of tailor’s chalk
  • instructions card with ideas for selecting, sorting and matching items
  • 12 x laminated sorting and matching sheets to use with the objects in a higher level activity.

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