Empathy Doll Emilie

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Emilie adorable cheeky face will light up anyone’s day!


Empathy Doll –  Emilie

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Emilie, our Joyk Empathy Doll makes a thoughtful gift and  companion for an older loved one – especially for anyone with a dementia living in a care home or hospital.

Doll therapy for use with dementia patients is a recognised therapy used extensively in the care sector and can help alleviate stress and anxiety as well as helping to relieve boredom.

she comes with a weighted bottom to feel just like a small child when being carried.

Made from soft-filled fabric and with removable clothes, her appealing eyes are designed to have constant eye contact for a strong emotional bond. Her facial features have a realistic little nose and shaped mouth too.

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Activity Ideas



  • Pop a beating Empathy Heart inside your doll’s outfit so that the doll has a realistic feel – especially for anyone suffering from anxiety.
  • Place a shallow cardboard box nearby with a couple of tea towels inside for the doll user to make into a little bed. Maybe sing the beginning of some nursery rhymes and encourage the person to sing along too.
  • Pop a few drops of sensory oil onto a hanky or an Empathy Doll Scent Bag and tuck into a doll’s pocket or outfit to create a scent. Ask if the person can recognise the scent? Discuss where you might find something with that smell. Can use lavender if the person finds it difficult to sleep.
  • Leave a soft hairbrush nearby – the act of brushing hair can be soothing for an older person and will keep hands busy too.

Size: (l) approx. 50cm

washable to 40 degrees and their clothes to 30 degrees,


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