Fiddle Mat – Activity Mat Red STFM22

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Size 70cm x 60cm.

Ideal for older people living in care homes, patients in hospital and makes a great gift for an older family member with dementia living in their own home.

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Fiddle Mat Activity Mat  is great for People with  dementia often have restless hands and like to have something to keep their hands occupied. This blanket not only keeps hands busy, it provides a wonderful source of visual, tactile and sensory stimulation and at the same time keeping knees snug and warm.

Features include: a centre plastic pouch /pocket for a favourite photo; a hand sized pocket with detachable mini cushion; s sturdy zip; three silk ribbons;  a three bright buttoned flap; a buckle; 3 tactile fabric swatches; 4 rows of coloured plastic beads threaded and edged with tassels and three strong laces edged with felt.

Suitable for machine washing at 30ºC (detach bean bag before washing). For best results place blanket in a pillow case before washing.

Size 70cm x 60cm.

Please Note attachments may vary slightly

Item Code: STFM22


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