Fiddle Mat – Slip Resistant #6

$124.00 inc. GST

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An activity mat or fiddle mat for the table top or in the lap that provides both sensory experiences and activity engagement opportunities for the fidgety client with dementia. On the reverse of the mat is a strip of non slip matting to assist in preventing the activity mat sliding around on the table – note effectiveness of the mat may vary on different tabletop surfaces. Mat is padded with a layer of wadding.

Objects to manipulate may include sliding belt buckles, beads on a cord, clothes pegs,  d rings on tape, zippers, velcroed or buttoned flaps with items underneath such as wool or lace strips or layered textured fabrics. All items are securely fastened either by strong crochet cushion (e.g for buttons)  or  machine stitching.

Hand washing is recommended.

Fiddle Mat measures approx. 45 cm long x 30 cm wide.

Item Code: STFM6


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