Sensory Gel Aquarium Pad

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Sensory Touch Mat

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The sensory gel maze is a  squishy, glittery and tactile-rich activity that is familiar, engaging and stimulating.

  • This stimulating “aquarium” activity therapy pad is gel-filled and houses four colorful fish
  • Manipulating the mat addresses sight and touch, and is effective in reducing anxiety, and boredom
  • Also serves as a fine-motor tool for eye-hand coordination, finger isolation and mid-line work

May be used as a sensory manipulative activity for the fidgety person with dementia or as a finger strengthening activity in a rehabilitation setting.
Vinyl cover wipes clean easily.


Activity Ideas

Using the finger or thumb a black bead is moved through the water based gel maze for a stimulating manipulative and sensory individual activity. Gel is infused with glitter and fish for added visual stimulation.

  • Measures 48cmL x 30cmW

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